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Delivery & Payment

We are happy to proceed with your order, however, please note that we have a minimum order value of € 20 (including value added tax). Should your order not reach that amount, we will have to add a below minimum surcharge so that the total amounts to €20.

We therefore recommend you have a look at the rest of our wide range of accessories and spare parts. Maybe you will find something to help you reach the minimum order value .

Spare parts that are ordered from outside the EU are free of the German sales tax. The value added tax for the purchase of collector’s items is never shown separately on our bills, since special tax regulations apply to these items.


After receiving your order, it will usually be dispatched within 4 days. However, we reserve the right to ask for advance payment, especially when dealing with new customers. In that case you will receive an invoice and your items will be shipped as soon as we receive your payment.

Should some articles not be available we will send them as soon as possible. These articles will not be charged until they have been delivered.

Items are dispatched as a secured package by DHL/German Post. Shipping costs within Germany are 8,50 €. Dispatch within the EU and to overseas countries will be calculated individually and usually range between 15€ – 30€.

If you have any questions concerning our dispatch conditions we are looking forward to hearing from you. Phone +49 7022 94 99 55.

Terms of payment for new customers

Orders with a value of 80,00 € or more will only be shipped against prepayment.

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