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Restoration of Märklin railways and other models out of passion with a long history of our family business

As early as the 1970s, the physicist and geographer Gernot Ritter started restoring model trains of his own childhood.

After realizing how much he enjoyed this handcraft, he started buying more items, preferably those that needed restoration. His capabilities soon became known among train collectors.

During the 1980s, the south German toy company Märklin approached the hobby restorer and suggested he open a department for restorations within their company.

Spare parts in own manufacture

With this, the workload became too big for one person to handle, and the cellar of the family home became too small – a new workshop and employees were needed.

For the restoration of many of the rare collector’s items, the needed spare parts no longer exist. By manufacturing them in the workshop, it eventually became possible to build complete replica, which can be viewed on our replica page.

Until this day, Gernot Ritter is the one who handcrafts all the replica in our workshop.There is a great demand for his specialist knowledge in the market, especially when expert’s reports for antique collector’s items are needed.

Inspired by his father’s enthusiasm, Elmar Ritter started working in the workshop fulltime in 2000, after finishing his law degree.

He expanded the production and sales of the spare parts considerably. The warehouse now contains 2000 spare parts for gauge HO/OO and gauge O.

Elmar is further responsible for the painting of the sent in items.

Since 1997, Roland Attig complements the team with his handcrafting skills.

He is responsible for the technical repairs of the model trains and accessories and produces the necessary tools for the production of spare parts and replica.

Elisabeth Ritter is the owner of the company and takes care of the administration and accountancy.

She also handles the logistics and makes sure that the precious items reach their owners safe and sound.

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