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The flying dutch-woman


The flying dutch-woman
as a special highlight for our customers, we offer an express train composed of a streamliner locomotive sk 800 and various “schürzenwagen” streamlined cars painted just like the dutch luxory train of the 1950s.
the basic color of the train is the turquoise the sewh 800 is known for.
as a second color, locomotive and wagons are spray painted with a dark green.
this color represents shade that the original bullaugen-locomotive of the post ww area showed between the characteristic silver lines. the trim lines are silver.
this causes the train to appear stretched and elegant.
the floors are dark-green, the contrasting aprons light grey. the roofs are silver.
the train consists of an sk800 and one wagon 346/1 to 346/1 each.
the seating wagon is marked as a mixed 1st and 2nd class wagon. the restaurant and sleeping wagons are marked with dutch letters.
the train is built as a mini-series. both locomotive and wagons are originals that we have repainted.

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